Well I had magna wave treatment done yesterday… Currently the bones in my right foot are in the (extremely painful) process of fusing, and my left hip and knee are in pain from compensating. So I signed up for a treatment figuring it wouldn’t hurt, within 20 min afterwards the swelling had gone down significantly in both my foot and knee. I again figured if that was the best it could do that was good! By the time I got home I was exhausted (any type of full body treatment does that to me..) went to bed at 8 and didn’t get out of bed till 11 am. But every time I got up to go pee… My foot didn’t hurt. I mean after a weekend at a horse show, usually getting up to walk to the bathroom is almost impossible.. and last night it didn’t hurt. Now this morning it’s a bit sore, but nothing like it should be after 2 days at a horse show. I am totally convinced that works I just wish Alison was closer than PEI!  Samantha Legere – NB

One thought on “Swelling Reduced almost instantly!

  1. Magna wave treatments are helping me tremendously! I have migraines, back pain, neck problems and a sore foot. I was taking them regularly and my migraines went away with most of my other problems. I stopped taking them and in about one month my migraines came back. I will never stop again that’s for sure. Thanks also for your availability Alison. I am happy my migraines, sore feet, and other ailments are gone now with these treatments. You are working miracles with me. Also helping with depression. Best thing yet. I don’t like having to take Advil so much.


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