I love being able to help people and animals feel better 🙂 Please leave a comment below if you’d like to share your experience with PEMF Therapy with others.

4 thoughts on “Your Testimonials

  1. I’ve had sciatic pain for a year and a half now. I’ve just had my fourth treatment and feel better after each one. Looking forward to the next ones.
    Thank You


  2. Alison,
    I left your place yesterday after my short session and I did not have a headache for the first time in months. I have been to an eye doctor as of lately and have prescription glasses on order, but the eye doctor doesn’t think that is my headache cause. I am stumped.
    I do think this short demo treatment helped me! My neck was less tired than normal and the absence of the headache has been going on day #2 with a great night sleep. I give your machine and you the credit right now, I can’t figure anything else into the solution.
    See you next Wednesday!


  3. I received my first treatment yesterday, to relieve my lower back pain, that I have been dealing with for a few weeks now.  All I can say is “wow”… the treatment was very relaxing and I was able to wash my bathroom ceiling this morning!Thank you so much! Looking forward to my next treatment 🙂
    Tracey Clow


  4. Very effective with muscle soreness – I had lingering muscle soreness from the gym and I tried stretching, heat and so on but nothing cleared it completely. After a couple of treatments, I’m glad to say that it’s gone. Thanks!!
    Tammy Mathews


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